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    Classes are oriented for various interest levels
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    We schedule climbing trips all over New England.
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    Relaxing in the trees!
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    All equipment is provided for a truly educational and fun experience.


Whether you are an arborist, a landscaper, a  homeowner, or recreational enthusiast, or Saddle Hunter, our association of training schools can teach you a skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Experts in tree climbing

Our instructors teach everyone from tree workers to those climbing for recreational fun, and Saddle Hunters. Our successful  students have  included young teens to seniors. If you can climb a ladder you can climb using a rope.  Both the Double Rope Technique (DRT) and the SRT (single Rope Technique) are taught in various classes. These techniques are used throughout the arborist and recreational industries and allow you to let go at any time and still maintain your position on the rope. All our ropes and equipment are rated for over 6000 LBS. The New England Tree Climbing Association is an Association of trained and certified instructors offering the best and safest tree climbing experience.



Classes are available for different interest levels, i.e. Tree Climbing For Arborists (and landscapers), Recreational Tree Climbing, Adventure Climbs, and Saddle Hunters or those who just want to experience it.

All equipment is provided for a truly educational and fun experience.

Graduates receive certification photo ID cards that grant them  discounts from the major equipment suppliers.






Gift Certificates for  that special day. Just call or drop a line. click to email us

To “See us on TV. Twin Pines our Vermont location is featured on WCAX news”. Click here to see the video.

Jim Tabor, author of Forever On The Mountain climbed with us. Don't miss what he says about the experience on our Vermont page.


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